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Final Fantasy X Chamber of Fayth Treasures

You can only revisit the temples after you defeat Sin and the dark aeons that are blocking the entrance to some of them. You have to solve the puzzles again to gain access to the Chamber of the Fayth. Here, the Fayth will tell a part of the story about Sin, Jecht and their dream. You'll receive some treasures too, which are mostly rare spheres.
Location Treasures
Besaid Temple Evasion Sphere, Potion x2, Wht Magic Sphere, Hi-Potion, Elixir
Kilika Temple Luck Sphere, Defense Sphere, Agility Sphere, Accuracy Sphere
Djose Temple Luck Sphere, Magic Defense Sphere, Agility Sphere
Macalania Temple Magic Sphere, Accuracy Sphere, Magic Defense Sphere
Cavern of Stolen Fayth Strength Sphere
Remiem Temple Defense Sphere


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