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Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Language

As you may already know, one of Final Fantasy X objectives is to understand Rikku's native language. In order to find out what are the people of Al Bhed saying, you need to find 26 volumes of the Al Bhed Dictionary, therefore you will have to search for each one of them in the world of Final Fantasy X. To make that goal easier, here are the locations of all the magazines.

Al Bhed Primer Magazine Locations
Volume 1 (Y -> A) Deck of Salvage Ship.
Volume 2 (P -> B) Crusader's Lodge Entrance.
Volume 3 (L -> C) S.S. Liki Engine Room.
Volume 4 (T -> D) Kilika Tavern (bar).
Volume 5 (A -> E) S.S. Winno Bridge.
Volume 6 (V -> F) Luca Stadium, Basement B.
Volume 7 (K -> G) Luca Sphere Theater.
Volume 8 (R -> H) Receive from Rin at Mi'ihen Travel Agency.
Volume 9 (E -> I) Mi'ihen Highroad, North End.
Volume 10 (Z -> J) Mushroom Rock Valley.
Volume 11 (G -> K) Djose Highroad.
Volume 12 (M -> L) Moonflow, North Wharf.
Volume 13 (S -> M) Guadosalam, in the house with 3,000 Gil treasure.
Volume 14 (H -> N) Thunder Plains Travel Agency.
Volume 15 (U -> O) Macalania Lake Road.
Volume 16 (B -> P) Outside Macalania Travel Agency.
Volume 17 (X -> Q) Sanubia Desert.
Volume 18 (N -> R) Northeast of Sanubia Desert Central.
Volume 19 (C -> S) Near the save sphere outside Al Bhed Home.
Volume 20 (D -> T) Al Bhed Home Living Quarters.
Volume 21 (I -> U) Al Bhed Home Corridor (northeast).
Volume 22 (J -> V) Bevelle Priest's Passage.
Volume 23 (F -> W) Calm Lands, northwest (near Chocobo Trainer).
Volume 24 (Q -> X) Outside Remiem Temple.
Volume 25 (O -> Y) Cavern of Stolen Fayth.
Volume 26 (W -> Z) Omega Ruins.


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