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Final Fantasy 1 Review

Basically, Final Fantasy 1 was one of the fantasy best role playing games at the time of its release with turn based RPG, magic aspect, the leveling up and world map tremendous till later in game. This amazing RPG game was designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi for Nintendo Entertainment system and was released in Japan during 1987 by Square Enix Corporation. Final fantasy I is the first version of the series of RPG games from Square Enix Corporation. The story is about four youngsters called Light warriors who carry the four elemental orbs of earth, wind, fire and water which are tarnished by four elemental daemons. They join as a team to destroy the evil forces in order to restore light to these elemental orbs and save the world from evil. The graphics of the game is not excellent but is fair and good enough for a NES. It had one of the most complex storylines which was introduced at that time. There was a sensation music score to suit the background of the RPG supported by excellent game play which received lot of positive reviews.

There are 4 game play modes in final fantasy I which includes town and dungeon maps, a menu screen, a battle screen and an overworld map. The overworld map is nothing but diminished version of fictional world of the game, which can be used by the player in guiding characters to different locations. The major mode of travel across world is initially through foot and as player progressed, a canoe, airship and a ship was available. Certain battles were in predefined locations and with predefined bosses and most enemies are encountered randomly on field maps.

The game had positive critics and is considered to most successful role playing games of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with important role in making the genre popular. The game started by choosing 4 characters to form a group which exists till end of the game. The plot of the game develops through dungeons and towns as the player progresses to further levels and the attributes of the characters increases with each level. For instance, the hit points increases with every level and it indicates the health of each player. The menu screen of the game helps in tracking the experience levels and hit points, and selecting equipment suitable for the characters and for using magic.

The game has a menu-based combat system in which players select from a list of actions like Magic, Item and Fight. There is a turn-based battle system which continues till the opponent gets defeated or flees away. If the party of the player wins, all characters gains gold and experience and in case if all characters die, the game ends. There was also replay option which allowed switching classes and starting a fresh game.

As far as graphics is concerned, the villages and towns were laid out nicely and the buildings were designed neatly. The caves and dungeons were quite dark without any decorations and were realistic in nature. The use of overworld map concept made it easy to track each character and their location and for getting around quickly. The battle scenes had very good graphics and characters resembled a Thief or Fighter. Though the graphics was not good enough as modern visual effects in present days, it was definitely amiable and appreciated in that time period.

The story line was really interesting and was different from monotonous mission based stories of those days. It had depth and lot of elements in it and the battle scenes were designed effectively to keep the player engaging. Final Fantasy I had the best music score with amazing sounds and themes throughout the game. There are mysterious sounds in the cave which makes you feel creepy, and you get a satisfactory feeling of a thrilling mission when you walk over the world map. The prelude of this game is included in all other latest versions of Final fantasy series. There are plenty of battle fights and touching scenes with sensational music which sets the mood of the game.

The game play is excellent with 6 types of classes to choose from like a Thief, a Black belt, a Fighter, standard Black and White Mages and a new class called Red mage which is a combination of black mage, white mage and fighter. You can combine different characters from each class to form a balanced party which is fun and exciting. The game has very good control functions which are simple to understand for beginners. One drawback though is there are no side quests which make the game play linear and straightforward.

Overall Final Fantasy I is a wonderful RPG for Nintendo system with amazing storyline and mind-blowing background music and sounds. You will like to play it again and again and it has revolutionized the genre of Role playing games.

Plot: 9/10
Game Play: 7/10
Battle System: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Music: 9/10
Sound Effects: 8/10

Final Fantasy 1 Information
Game: Final Fantasy 1
: Squaresoft
Publisher: Nintendo (NES), Square Enix (GBA), Square (WSC), Square (PSX/PSOne), Square EA (PSX/PSOne)
Genre: RPG
Medium: CD-ROM, Cartridge
Platform: NES, PSX, PSOne, GBA, WSC

Final Fantasy 1 Release Date
Japan: 12/18/1987 (NES), 12/09/2000 (WSC), 10/31/2002 (PSX/PSOne), 07/29/2004 (GBA)
USA: 07/12/1990 (NES), 08/08/2003 (PSX/PSOne), 11/29/2004 (GBA)
Final Fantasy 1 Box Arts
Japan   USA
Final Fantasy 1 Japanese Front Box Art

Final Fantasy 1 Japanese Back Box Art
  Final Fantasy 1 US Front Box Art

Final Fantasy 1 US Back Box Art

Table of Contents
Index - Provides general information on Final Fantasy 1, along with a short review and box arts.

Armor List - Listing of all the armors that can be found in Final Fantasy 1.

Black / White Magic - The various magic spells (both black and white) in Final Fantasy 1 listed in table form.

Controls - The control scheme of Final Fantasy 1. (The PlayStation version, also known as Final Fantasy Origins)

Jobs - Listing of all the 12 jobs in Final Fantasy 1, ranging from solid Fighter to the fragile White Wizard.

Managing Equipments - Explanation on how equipments can be used on the various Final Fantasy 1 characters.

Walkthrough - One of the most comprehensive Final Fantasy 1 walkthrough you can find on the internet.


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