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Final Fantasy 1 Elfheim and Marsh Cave

Items: 680 Gil, 620 Gil, 295 Gil, 385 Gil, Cottage
Equipments: Broadsword, Copper Armlet, Dagger, Steel Plate
Key Item: Crown, Crystal Eye, Jolt Tonic

Have a look at the goods being sold around town, but you'll need a large amount of money to buy everything you need here. So go save up some, then come back once you have enough. Now I recommend getting "CURE 2" & "DIA 2" for your white mage, while the black/red mage should get "BOLT 2, "HASTE" & "ICE 2". Also, go buy the best equipments currently available for your warrior, if your gil permits. Go heal up and save at the inn, then head back to the world map.

Head northwest until you see a castle. Go in there and talk to the king. He'll then ask you to retrieve his Crown from inside the Marsh Cave. At the world map, continue southwest until you get to a desert. Go through the hole on the ground to get to the cave.

Most of the enemies here are undead, so Dia spells should work pretty well. There are 2 sets of stairs leading to the lower level of this cave -- one to the northwest and the other southeast. First take the northwest path & pick up treasure chests containing a "DAGGER", a "BROADSWORD", "680 GIL", & "620 GIL". At B2F, head south, then east on the path along the bottom wall. The door at the end takes you to the 3rd level.

There are a lot of rooms in this area, which are mostly empty. Save for a few at the first 3 rows from the top. The room at the far left end of the 1st row contains a "STEEL PLATE", while the one to the right has "295 GIL" inside. The room at the 2nd row has a "COPPER ARMLET" & "COTTAGE". And the third row room has "385 GIL". As for the Crown, it is in the second room at the 4th row, which is unfortunately being guarded by a boss. So be sure to heal up before approaching the treasure chest.

Boss: Piscodemons
HP: 84 | EXP: 276 | GIL: 300

There can either be 3 or 4 of these. They look like normal monsters, but be warned each of these things pack quite a punch in terms of physical attacks. The best thing to do here is to focus your attacks on one target until you get rid of it, before moving on to the next.

So have your warrior, (with Broadsword equipped) attack. If you're lucky he'll land 2 hits on the target, dealing lots of damage. Critical hits will eliminate a target in a single turn. The other 2 characters should also attack, while the white mage focuses on healing party members.

The Crown will be in your possession after you win. So make your way out of the cave, then go back to Elfheim to rest up and save your game. Once you're ready, proceed to the Western Keep for another boss fight.

Boss: Astos
HP: 168 | EXP: 2248 | GIL: 2000

Physical attacks barely do any damage on this guy. So your best bet is to stick with magic spells, especially lightning types throughout the fight. You can try casting Mute on Astos (I'm not really sure if it works on him.) Have your white mage cast NullFire on your party, or heal if necessary.

He has a move called Reaper, which instantly kills one of your characters. But fortunately, it also misses quite often.

You'll receive the "CRYSTAL EYE" afterwards. Take it back to Matoya's Cave. She'll then give you the "JOLT TONIC" in return for the eye. Now head back to Elven Castle & give the potion to the nurse elf at the prince's room. The prince will then give you the "MYSTIC KEY".

You can now unlock the once sealed doors with your new key. So head back to the following places to collect the treasures:

Western Keep
Falchion, Steel Gloves, Power Staff

Marsh Cave B3
  • Rightmost room -- 1020 Gil
  • 3rd door from right -- Mythril Knife
  • 4th door from right -- Silver Armlet

  • Elven Castle
  • Mythril Hammer, 400 Gil, 330 Gil, Bronze Gloves

  • Cornelia Castle
  • Left room -- Steel Plate, Iron Shield, Nitro Powder
  • Right room -- Crosier, Saber, Mythril Knife

  • Temple of Chaos
  • Northeast room -- Werebane, Gold Needle
  • Southeast room -- Rune Blade

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