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Final Fantasy 1 Sunken Shrine

Items: 97,150 Gil, Antidote
Equipment: Diamond Armor, Diamond Armlet, Diamond Helm, Diamond Shield, Light Axe x2, Mage's Staff, Giant's Gloves, Ribbon
Key Item: Rosetta Stone, Bell

You'll be starting out at the 3rd floor of the shrine. Make your way to the northwest room for a treasure chest with "9,900 Gil". Proceed northease up the stairs to the 4th floor. The upper left room here contains a "DIAMOND ARMOR", the center one has "20 Gil", while 3 the rooms at the bottom row contain a "LIGHT AXE", "MAGE'S STAFF", & "12,350 Gil". Take the stairs southeast to the 5th floor.

There are a lot of rooms here, some with mermaids, others with treasures. Thankfully there are no random encounters, so do check the place thoroughly before moving on. You'll find the following treasures in this floor -- "DIAMOND ARMLET", "32,670 Gil", DIAMOND SHIELD, DIAMOND HELM, "ANTIDOTE", & finally the "ROSETTA STONE". The room containing the last 3 items is located norwest. (Take the path going off-screen to the left.) Warp out of here, rest and save your game at Onlak.

Head back to the shrine, but this time we'll be heading down, instead of up. At the very first screen, go northwest-most part of the area, down the stairs to the 2nd floor. Here, head left then up at the split. Go up to 3F Continue on until you get to the 4th floor, and enter the room for a couple of treasures containing "560 Gil" total. Head down the next staircase.

Once again, there are several treasures to be found here. The room just a bit below you has a total of "15,825 Gil". The far left one has "5,835 Gil" and "GIANT'S GLOVES". From here, head north and grab another "LIGHT AXE". Continue on east, then around the corner to a room with 4 chests, containing a total of "19,990 Gil" & "RIBBON". Proceed northwest down to the 1st floor.

In this area, head west then north. Take a left at the path that goes off- screen. Continue south and into the large chamber. Keep heading north, then left into a small passage to the next room. Just go along the corridor here. A boss fight awaits in the chamber at the end of the hall.

Boss: Kraken
HP: 1600 | EXP: 4245 | GIL: 5000

First off be sure to equip the Giant's Gloves on your fighters, then just unload on Kraken using physical attacks. While Black or Red Wizards cast Haste on themselves and your fighters. Then hit it with your strongest available Bolt spells. White Wizards should focus on providing support, such as healing or casting Shield 2 or Invis 2.

Warp out the shrine and fly to Melmond. Talk to the guy standing by the tombstones to the north of town, and since you have the Rosetta Stone in your possession, he'll teach you how to speak the Lufenian language. Next destination is the town of Lufenia, located northwest of Melmond.

Land on the tiny patch of grass behind the mountains, separating the forest & desert. Walk south into town. Here, head northeast then southwest. Talk to the guy standing at the end of the bottom dock, to receive a "BELL". Return to your airship, then land at the srip of grass just ouside the massive desert, and continue on foot into the tower.


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