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In this section, we provide give a brief description and rating of our affiliates. We encourage you to visit them because they are all great gaming sites!

Final Fantasy Shrine - [ 9/10 ]
Unique design, lots of content and friendly staff members are what you are going to get when visiting Final Fantasy Shrine. Both their content and news are also constantly updated. They also offer music from different games in *.mp3 format (usually changes every week). So don't forget to check it out.
Final Fantasy Spirit [ 8/10 ]
Final Fantasy Spirit is an example of what a good general Final Fantasy site should be. With design that is easy to the eyes and lots of games coverage to choose from, Final Fantasy Spirit is considered to be one of the top notch Final Fantasy site on the net in terms of quality.
Fantasy Square [ 8/10 ]
The owner of Fantasy Square, Tim, is a good friend of mine. He was the one who guided me when I started getting into website making business. Fantasy Square is a site that has been around the net for quite some time (a few years, older than FFI) and they have been providing their users with all sorts of unique information and media. Don't forget to check their online store as well, it is one of the best around.
Ganon's Tower [ 8.5/10 ]
One of the most popular Zelda fan site around. The site pays more attention to the amount of content and that is what you will find there when you give them a visit. Ganon's Tower is also one of the oldest Zelda fan site on the net, so the quality is guaranteed!
Square Insider - [ 9.5/10 ]
Great Layout, Detailed Content and a Great Webmaster! What more could you ask from a General Square Enix Fan site? This site is a must-visit! Square Insider chose Invision Board for their forums, and it is looking great! They have a great community too!
Square Nation - [ 7/10 ]
With nice design with user-friendly navigation bar, comprehensive content and tons of media, Square Nation establishes itself as one of the top Square Enix fan site on the net, you should be able to find what you need in this site easily. The webmaster is also a great graphics designer, so don't forget to check their wallpapers section out.
The Final Fantasy [ 8/10 ]
Out of all my Final Fantasy affiliates, The Final Fantasy is the oldest. They have been around for many years, providing complete information and guides on pretty much every Final Fantasy game to their visitors. Expect a solid and complete database of information and guides when you give their site a visit.
Unofficial FF Site - [ 8/10 ]
With simple and user-friendly layout, it is impossible for you to get lost in this site. Also, with detailed coverage on almost every Final Fantasy games (and others), this is a site that you should place in your bookmark. You will be using it a lot, trust me.
Zelda Universe [ 8.5/10 ]
The biggest and most popular Zelda fan site today! The simplistic and clean design plus their superb content shows their class. You will be able to find pretty much anything you want to know about Zelda in this site. The forums is pretty active as well, so don't forget to give it a visit.


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Final Fantasy XIII coverage completely revamped! Sections added and changed: Abilities, Auto Abilities, Magic Abilities, Physical Abilities, Unique Abilities, Techniques, Active Time Battle, Attack Chain, Crystarium System, Dismantle, Gestalt Mode, Item Menu, Paradigm Shift, Progression, Save Stations, Settings, Summons, Technical Points, Tips and Tricks, Walkthrough
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