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Final Fantasy Advent Children Index

Advent Children Review

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is an animated science fiction movie directed by Takeshi Nozue and Tetsuya Nomura and released in Japan during 2005. The music for the movie was composed by legendary Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu. The film had an overall approval rating of 33 percent and mixed reviews. It won “best anime feature” awarded in American Anime Awards in 2007, and also Maria Award at “Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya”. There were more than 10.5 million copies of the movie sold in both UMD and DVD releases. The director’s cut version of the movie was released in 2009 by Square Enix Corporation under the title “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete.”

The way you admire this movie depends on how you have liked playing the Final Fantasy series as this movie is like a glorious, beautiful fan service. People, who have enjoyed playing Final Fantasy VII and like to see how the story continues, must definitely watch this visually engaging graphics movie ever. From start the end, the movie has amazing visuals along with popular cinematic cut scenes similar to those in the games of FF series. The virtual world is amazing with detailed texturing and character animations are very realistic.

The story takes place two years after the events of the Final Fantasy VII, a highly successful console RPG game. In the movie, the survivors of city of city of Midgar (which was once the capital of Gaia in FFVII) are trying to construct a new one over its remains after the meteor fall under the new name “Edge”. At the same time, Cloud Strife, the protagonist who works as delivery boy growing two kids along with Tifa Lockhart is beckoned to search the reason of “Geostigma” a strange disease which causes danger to people of Midgar. The main characters Cloud and Tifa gather a group of helpers along their way, who are recognizable characters by fans of Final Fantasy series.

They are all against Sephiroth, the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VII who is from Trent Reznor School of thoughts who is evil and wants to destroy the world. The main plot of movie is about combats between good and bad guys which is accompanied by meaningful dialogue which is useful for fans of FFVII but for newbie’s, it is difficult to understand. Similar to the game, it seems that story and exposition is the way for getting to next battle. The fight sequences in this movie are excellent when compared to large-scale fight sequences in Hollywood movies.

There are certain moments when characters come near to the camera and some artifacts at same time. The video comes in 1:85:1 anamorphic widescreen mode so that you can watch every frame of detail precisely. The movie comes with 5.1 surround sound and disc comes both in Japanese and English version along with subtitles in Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Korean.

The music for the movie was composed by Nobuo Uematsu along with Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui and Keiji Kawamori. It has range of music styles including rock music, classical piano, choral and orchestral sound tracks. The styles range from cloying power ballads, pop metal thrashings and sparse piano noodlings. The ending theme titled “Calling” was written and performed by Kyosuke Himuro, a former Japanese vocalist. The movie album has totally 26 sound tracks in 2 discs with total duration of one hour 20 minutes. There was also a mini album under the title Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mini Album released during April 2009 with 5 audio tracks including tracks like, "Those Who Fight Further", "The Chase of Highway", "On the Way to a Smile" etc.

The Japanese vocal work is brilliant and voice acting is excellent. English voice acting was done by popular figures like Steve Burton for Cloud Strife, Rachel Leigh Cook for Tifa Lockhart and George Newbern for Sephiroth. There are plenty of battle sequences with amazing background music which is driving and sensational. The voice acting from English and Japanese vocalists is pretty impressive which is supported by amazing production features. This direct-to-DVD release is one of the best animated movie releases ever. It is great to see a movie full of special effects which relies entirely on talking animals coupled with wacky punch lines. The characters are animated adeptly and the virtual world is beautifully designed to look very realistic such that you totally forget that you are watching an animation movie.

There are plenty of extras along with movie and some of them are,

1. Sneak peak of forthcoming games in FF series
2. Trailers of FF VII Advent Children
3. The Distance: Making of Featurette
4. The Venice Film festival footage of FF VII: Advent Children
5. Some important deleted scenes.

All the extras are packed in Disc 2 whereas Disc 1 contains the Reminiscence of FF VII segment which acts a good refreshers for fans who have not played the game in Play station of haven’t played it recently. It is a very good collection of important moments and cinematic cut scenes from Final Fantasy VII game. The movie is heavy with conceptual elements including the characters, plot and themes.

The visually stunning animated movie with amazing directional sound and low-end thumping in fantastic battle sequences accompanied by excellent voice acting is very good to watch for any gamer and fan of FF series. But for people who have not heard about Final Fantasy before, this animated plot could not be that entertaining.

Advent Children Information
Title: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
: Square Enix, Visual Works
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Movie
Medium: DVD-ROM

Advent Children Release Date
As Advent Children has not been released outside of Japan, the release dates listed for USA and Europe are not confirmed and may change once more accurate dates are announced by Square Enix.

Japan: 14th September, 2005
USA: 10th January, 2006 (Amazon), 4th March, 2006 (GameStop) - All dates are subject to change.
Europe: 15th February, 2006 (Australia), 20th February, 2006 (UK, PSP) - All dates are subject to change.

Advent Children Box Arts
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Table of Contents
Index - General information on Advent Children, including release date and box arts.

Characters - Detailed profiles on all Advent Children characters, including the summon, Bahamut Sin.

Interviews - Several interviews with Tetsuya Nomura on Advent Children conducted by various sources (Dengeki, 1UP and GanGan).

OST Track List - The full track listing of the movie's original soundtrack.

Reviews - A review written by one of our staff members, Staci Haris, to give you an idea on how good Advent Children is.

Staff Members - A list of Advent Children production staff members and their past projects.

Storyline - Gives you the full storyline of Advent Children without having to watch the movie. Contains tons of spoilers, so read it at your own risk!

Vehicles - Description and details of all the vehicles in Advent Children, including Cloud's Fenrir and the new Sierra.

Artworks - High quality artworks of the movie, done by both Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshitaka Amano.

Lyrics - Contains both the Japanese and English Lyrics of the theme song, Calling.

Magazine Cuts - Image scans from various magazines containing details of the movie.

Movies - High quality trailer (DivX) from E3 2005. It is the only trailer that is allowed by Square-Enix to be posted on the internet.

Screenshots - 207 high quality Advent Children screenshots taken directly from the Japanese version of the movie.

Wallpapers - Contains 9 Advent Children wallpapers in both 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 resolutions. More wallpapers can be viewed at the official website.


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